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Réplica AEG SA-H21 2.0 Carbine Chaos Bronze Specna Arms



Réplica eléctrica de airsoft modelo SA-H21 2.0 Carbine Chaos Bronze de la marca Specna Arms

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Réplica eléctrica de airsoft modelo SA-H21 2.0 Carbine Chaos Bronze de la marca Specna Arms

Los 2.0 llevan instalado Gatillo electronico GATE ASTER
Model: SA-H21 EDGE 2.0™ - Chaos Bronze
Manufacturer: Specna Arms
Velocity: ~380/~310 fps
Gearbox version: v2
Type of fire: Single, auto
Diameter of bearings in GB: 8 mm
Lenght: 810-895 mm
Inner barrel length: ~390 mm
Weight: 3280 g
Magazine type: Mid-Cap magazine
Magazine capacity [pcs]: 125
Hop-Up: Yes, adjustable
Material: ZnAl + steel + plastic
Battery included: none
Propulsion: Electric
Barrel thread type: 14 mm CCW
Quick Spring Change System: YES
Plug Type: Tamiya small, DEANS / T-connect

EDGE 2.0™ is an improved line of Specna Arms replicas, which combines a range of solutions and technologies difficult to find in other replicas on the market. It is a line that focuses on both very good exterior workmanship, solutions that increase the versatility of the replica, extend its life, facilitate diagnostics of failures, as well as susceptibility to power tuning. Straight from the box you get a replica, in which you don't have to make any modifications, but if you want - they will be fabulously simple.

Each element of the replica has been made and matched with attention to every detail, in addition to finishing the body with Nano Coating coating to prevent scratches. Deeply engraved Specna Arms markings and an individual serial number are placed on the barrel. Additional noteworthy details include a comfortable, specially shaped, ergonomic pistol grip or an pleasant to both eyes and ears Bolt-Catch mechanism dummy.

A replica of the SA-H20 EDGE 2.0™ carbine is equipped with a 22 mm RIS mounting system front rail. The barrel is ended with a standard flash hider mounted on a 14 mm CCW thread. On the back of the replica there is an adjustable, drum-shaped sight.

The replica has a 6.03 mm diameter precision inner barrel mounted, which ensures high accuracy and repeatability of shots. The barrel is equipped with a new type of rotating Hop-Up chamber, which allows for very precise and stable regulation of the system.

The replica uses a quick spring change system, ESA2™. It allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust the power of the replica to the conditions expected on the playing field without the need for tools - simply unscrew the stock guide to show the spring change access without having to pull out or unfold the gearbox.

The advantages of ESA2™ are hard to overestimate. ESA2™ allows you to replace the main spring in a nick of time, and thus adjust the replica's shot velocity with arena rules, to guarantee an ideal compromise between efficiency and safety for yourself and other players. There is also a second M90 main spring in the replica box, which is perfect for indoor gameplay.

The heart of the replica is ORION Gearbox based on a reinforced frame and equipped with a main spring release function. The replica straight from the box has a number of high quality parts, so it has a high working culture and is prepared for further tuning. ORION Gearbox is ready to accept M140 springs. Inside the box there are such elements as:

. - reinforced polymer piston with full steel jaw
- aluminium, sealed nozzle
- aluminium, double-sealed cylinder head
- aluminium, double-sealed piston head with bearing
- Bearing-mounted spring guide
- set of steel gears
- 8 mm ball bearings

The replica also uses a powerful, efficient High Torque motor equipped with powerful neodymium magnets. The motor has a 22TPA (Turn Per Arm) winding and can easily handle stronger springs than those included in the kit.

The ASTER™ system is the younger brother of the well-known TITAN™ unit. This fourth generation of AEG control systems is designed for most electrical replicas equipped with a V2 gearbox, including those undergoing demanding tuning. ASTER™ will achieve maximum reliability at an attractive price. This system has an extremely good price/performance ratio. With ASTER™, you can improve the replica by replacing the contacts with an advanced controller equipped with innovative optical sensors, which offers up to 250 trigger sensitivity settings. Quick trigger response and many other useful features will give you an advantage on the airsoft battlefield. An intelligent fuse protects the battery, motor and controller, even if the battery is connected in reverse. This function, together with the optical sensors, makes ASTER™ the most durable drop-in chip currently available on the market.

ASTER™ gives new possibilities:
- protection against reverse polarity of the battery
- innovative optical sensors
- 250 trigger sensitivity settings
- option to configure with the replica trigger, or GATE Control Station
application - Built-in RGB LED for easy chip programming
- premium level functionality, at a fair price

Note: Some ASTER functions are available in the GCS (Gate Control Station) application, which requires a USB-Link (not included - to be purchased separately).

Full description of the layout: https://www.gatee.eu/pl/produkty/aster-v2

ASTER manual: https://www.gatee.eu/download/aster-v2-quickstart.pdf

In the replica box there are two S-MAG mid-cap magazines with 125 BB capacity each. S-MAG is an exclusive polymer magazine designed by Specna Arms. The characteristic texture composed of Specna Arms logotypes draws attention. S-mag ensures trouble-free feeding of bb's, even at high ROF.

. The kit does not include a battery or charger.

Included is:
- replica
- 2 x mid-cap magazine S-MAG
- additional main spring M90
- manual
- certificate
- GATE ASTER diagnostics card
- Vertical front grip

The ESA2™ system is covered by the European Patent number: 007422159-0001



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